The Victory park 12+


Short description: The Great Patriotic War is a special page in our history. The Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill, where each monument is a symbol and is dedicated to the memory of the fallen soldiers, helps us to remember the main thing – at what price a great victory was won.

Full description:

The Poklonnaya Hill is a part of the old road to the west. In the distant year 1812 Napoleon stayed here entering Moscow, and in 1941 soldiers who went to the frontline passed by. 25 years a memorial park was opened here with the highest monument in Russia, the Victory Monument, dedicated to the memory of those who died in the most terrible war in human history.

Everything in the park is a symbol – 5 terrace-steps leading to the Victory Museum mean 5 years of war. While climbing the terraces we see 225 fountains, by the number of weeks of the war, and 15 columns, by the number of fronts and units of the Soviet army, which participated in the Great Patriotic War.

Behind the museum in the depths of the park there are rays-alleys, walking along which we remember the fallen soldiers who contributed to the Great Victory. Eternal glory to the heroes!

During the tour you’ll find out:

· about key events of the Great Patriotic War;

· the history of the Poklonnaya Hill and the history of the construction of the park;

· how Moscow lived during the war;

· who worked on the home front;

· how did the army manage to defeat the enemy near Moscow;

· about women in war;

· about the battle in Berlin;

· and much more.

During the tour you’ll see:

· alley “The years of war”;

· st George’s Church;

· the Victory Monument;

· open-Air Exhibition of Military Equipment;

· the monument “In the Fight against Fascism We Were Together”;

· Spanish Civil War Memorial-Chapel;

· Peoples’ Tragedy sculpture;

· and much more.

Meeting point: exit No 5 from the metro station Park Pobedy (to the Kutuzovsky prospekt), near the flowers’ clock.

Route: monument to the heroes of the First World War – alley “The years of war” – st George’s Church – the Victory Monument – the round alley near the Exhibition of Military Equipment – Allies Monument– Peoples’ Tragedy sculpture.

Duration: 2 hours

Ending point: at the memorial sign “The Spirit of Elba”

Guide: Olga



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