Charming Prechistenka

Short description: The beautiful and aristocratic Prechistenka street is today a real open-air museum, where we can see 3 centuries of Moscow history. World-famous poets and writers, artists and philanthropists, representatives of the richest families of Russia lived here.

Full description: Prechistenka has an amazing history: from the ancient road to the Novodevichy Convent it turned to be the most aristocratic street in Moscow by the 19th century, and representatives of the most notable families of Russia lived here.

The architecture of the street includes 17th-century chambers, magnificent mansions built after the huge Moscow fire in 1812, monuments and profitable houses. This street is a mixture of eras and destinies.

During the tour you will hear romantic love stories, learn about the happy and the tragic fates of the inhabitants of the street, stories about their career ups and downs, political persecutions and difficulties.

During the tour you will learn:

· how to get to the most charming Moscow courtyard;

· who posed for the sculptures of Vera Mukhina

· how does a typical 19th century mansion look like;

· where the first press conference of Yuri Gagarin took place;

· where did the dancer Isadora Duncan live;

· how many Pushkin’s acquaintances lived on Prechistenka;

· and much more.

During the tour you will see:

· white Chambers of the 17th Century

· museum of A.S. Pushkin

· museum of Leo Tolstoy

· typical mansion of the 19th century;

· and much more.

Meeting point: in front of the exit from the Kropotkinskaya metro station.

Route: Chertolsky lane – Khrushchevsky lane – Prechistensky lane – Sechenovsky lane – Malyi Levshinsky lane..

Duration: 1.5 hours

Final point: Prechistenka 40/2 (the corner of Prechistenka street and Zubovsky Boulevard)

Guide: Olga


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