Unusual Ostozhenka



Short description: Several centuries ago this area was full of meadows and mowings, but today it amazes us with variety of styles. We can see on this street magnificent mansions of the 19th century and the Golden Mile houses, while small courtyards are hidden in the depths of the alleys, where unusual silence prevails.

Full description: Ostozhenka is so diverse that it is difficult to describe it in one word. Several centuries ago this area was full of meadows and haystacks, that is why its name Ostozhenka can be translated as “street of haystacks”. In the 14th century the Alekseevsky convent was founded here, one of the oldest convents in Moscow.

In the 18th century nobles began to settle on this street. Ostozhenka often changed its appearance: massive profitable houses grew near cozy empire mansions. The lanes around Ostozhenka are called “Golden Mile”, because at the beginning of the 21st century the most expensive houses in Moscow were built here. Nowadays it looks like a real open-air museum of modern architecture.

During the tour we will talk about the history of the street, about poets and writers who lived here; then we will turn into the yards and discover calm lanes around Ostozhenka.

During the tour you will learn:

· about the family of the writer Ivan Turgenev;

· where did “Master and Margarita” of Mikhail Bulgakov live;

· who can be called the “star” of the Moscow bohemia of the 20s;

· who was the head of Russian intelligence service during the Second World War;

· why the houses of the Golden Mile are so expensive;

· and much more.

During the tour you will see:

· the Conception Convent;

· Ether House and Copper House;

· warehouses of the army;

· mansions if the 19th century;

· Opera Center of Galina Vishnevskaya

· and much more.

Meeting point: exit from Park Kultury metro station (radial)

How to find: from the glass doors to the left, next to the benches

Route: Zubovsky Boulevard 2/7 – Pomerantsev lane – Mansurovsky lane – Sechenovsky lane – the Conception Convent – Butikovsky lane – Korobeinikov lane – Turchaninov lane.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Final point: Ostozhenka 51 (at the corner of Ostozhenka street and Turchaninov lane)

Guide: Olga


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