Zaryadye park

“Zaryadye is an ancient quarter and a new Park in Moscow.”

During the tour you will see:

· ancient district of Moscow – 2nd after the occurrence of the Moscow Kremlin – charge;

· temples on one of the old streets of the city – on Varvarka

· Gostiny Dvor, built in the time of Catherine II

· Russia in miniature – Zaryadye Park presents different climatic zones in our country: birch grove, tundra, mixed forest, steppes, meadows.

· Floating bridge, which has no analogues so far in the world! It, starting from one Bank of the Moskva river, hangs over it at an altitude of 15 meters and can accommodate up to 3000-4000 people at the same time.

· amphitheater, with an innovative roof –bark, where concerts take place.

The bridge offers a panoramic view of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the walls and towers of the Moscow Kremlin, the Temple of St. Basil that on Red square, as well as Stalin’s residential high-rise on Kotelnicheskaya embankment, where artists, writers, military lived.

Walking through the Park we will see (from the bridge) and modern skyscrapers of the multifunctional complex Moscow city, made in the style of high-tech.

You will learn:

· when the Kremlin was built and why Red square used to be called Torzhok and Fire;

· what are the traditions in Russia associated with the battle of the Kremlin chimes on the Spasskaya tower;

· where was the oldest street in Moscow in the 12th century, which was discovered a few years ago during the improvement of the new Park in Zaryadye.

· what was sold in Gostiny Dvor and how the first sales in Moscow appeared;

· where was one of the best hotels (“Russia”) in Soviet Moscow and how it got into the Guinness book of records

· and more.

Duration of the tour: 1.5 hours.

Meeting point: Kitay-Gorod metro station (ATTENTION! In Moscow their 2 stations that is called Kitay-Gorod! You need a purple subway line, NOT ORANGE). Exit toward the Park Zaryadye. Meeting with the guide at the exit of the glass doors of the subway.

Guide Yuliya

The tour is free, tips are welcome.


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